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MILLIE KAI is a little jewelry brand inspired by the sea. A combination of love for making jewelry and the dream to help the ocean, led to the creation of this brand. 

The pollution of our oceans causes enormous harm to wildlife, coral reef, water quality and the air we breathe.
Over 8 million tons of plastic are dumped in the ocean every year. Wildlife like fish, dolphins, seals and sharks die from plastic pollution in the ocean because they mistake it for food or get tangled and can’t free themselves. 
Coral reefs are the lungs of our oceans. They transform CO2 to the oxygen we breathe. Coral reefs have been dying because of human pollution and the warming climate. Research shows that coral reefs could all be dead by 2050.

There are two organizations I’d like to support with my sales. The Kokua Hawaii Foundation is a non profit organization helping our environment and teaching kids how to do so at an early age. Coral Gardeners is an organization based in Tahiti which helps with the restoration of coral reefs and  trying to keep our oceans alive.

10% of all profits made from selling my jewelry should therefore go to organizations mentioned above and I’d be so thankful if you would be a part of this journey.